Hi. I'm Antoanne Pontes.

Live in Rio de Janeiro, is master degree in Information Systems from PPGI/UFRJ and work as a professor at the NAVE Rio high school lecturing programming games.
This is my little website, a direct way to know my profile or simply find me on internet easier than Google!

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I develop and build amazing things.

You can discover more about my job checking my curriculum.

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If you need call me, my phone number +55(21)99681-5959.


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Awesome work makes happy people.

This is my list with most recently projects that i work as developer, manager or just as watcher.

Buraco Bloco

Developed for two purposes, have fun playing "buraco" with my family and learn and practice iOS development and Android with my nephew Yuri. Today we have +6.1K downloads on online stores!

iOS, Android, Objective-C, Java, SQL lite

I like so much to share my little knowledge with everybody!

Fell free to check, download and share my last presentations.
But, if you like very much, call me!!! Let's talk about any of these subjects!


Um Game com Arduino.


Role of Digital Repositories In Access and Knowledge Preservation.


A Data Mining on Music Lyrics.

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antoanne AT gmail DOT com